Life Affirming & After Battle Sex

Life Affirming & After Battle Sex

Do you know of any post-battle, thank-god-you’re-alive fics? (thank you so so much!!)

I love those!  Here are some suggestions for you. Um…it seems that mostly what I read they do after battle is bang each other silly.  So…yeah.  Most are porn.  A few others, but…well. Bless @blossomsinthemist for the liberal use of the “after-battle sex” tag.  Enjoy!


Bruise by AdamantSteve:
For the (tumblr) prompt: Stony, lazy, cuddly sex ? like after a battle, they’re exhausted but happy to still be alive or something like that…

Proof of Life by @winterstar95:
After a long battle, Tony can only think of one thing – validating that
Steve’s still alive. He does, but the consequences are not something he
wants to face. Or the time Steve and Tony went at it after a long
battle, and Steve forgot to feed that huge metabolism he has.

Hands Off by vassalady:
Steve and Tony have sex after a battle. However, Steve thinks Tony
should learn to listen more, and Tony’s starting to see the appeal of
letting Steve have his way sometimes.

By My Side by Pearl_Unplanned: The only thing that scared Steve more than anything was
the possibility of losing a teammate during a battle. They’d become
like a family to him, so the thought of never having them around again
really hurt inside. They were his life. Which, of course, doesn’t make ANY battle any easier for him.

In my darkest hours by Addison:
Tony is a little worse for wear after a battle and ends up saying a little too much to an unexpected visitor.

Someone Come (And Save My Life) by OnTheTurningAway: Tony doesn’t react well (at first) when he finds out Steve is injured during a mission.(Or, Tony really loves Steve, and Steve’s glorious tits. And then feelings leaked all over my porn.)

Ritual by miobambino: Amazing prompt from @snoozingcat! I hope you enjoy <3“if you wanted to write a little stevetony something where an injured
tony has to rescue a totally-out-of-it steve, that would be rad. bonus
points for strategically torn clothing and/or emergency mouth-to-mouth

how am I going to be an optimist about this by Hysterical: Alternatively titled: “How Tony Stark Managed to Freak Everyone Out by Sitting Down”All
of the Avengers were having a decent day after a big battle in the
water, until they noticed Tony sitting down in the living room. Quietly.
Without his phone. Or tablet. Who is this and what did he do with Tony

Thoroughly Debriefed by @tari-aldarion​:
Post-battle debriefings are mandatory.Pre-debriefing blow-jobs in the SHIELD hall closet, however, are not mandatory but highly encouraged by all parties involved.

Desperation by ashinan smut:
Steve still smells like battle, like ozone and sweat and adrenaline.
It’s intoxicating and if Tony wasn’t so close already, just the heady
scent would be enough to bring him there.

Safety is in Your Arms by Skydiver_Tomyo:
After a rather reckless battle, Steve is more aggravated than usual and
Tony is tired of letting Steve being the only one who is worried of the
other’s safety of the battlefield.
Despite that, a tiny tidbit of detail and they end up fucking.

Running From Every Corner of This Earth And Sky by @blossomsinthemist:
After a battle with the Avengers, Steve and Tony steal away for some
alone time in Tony’s workshop, and Steve likes the new version of the
undersuit Tony’s instituted.  A lot.

Fly Me Home by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve grinned, bounced on the heels of his feet a little, still
holding onto Tony.  “So, when do I get to see your sweet face, mister?”
he teased, and Tony found himself shaking his head at him, still smiling

He reached up, pulled the helmet off, and smiled at him.  “Since
you ask so nicely,” he said back in the same teasing tone, knowing
affection was bleeding out into his voice all over and not caring.
Written for prompts from Days Seventeen and Eighteen of Kinktober: Costume and Leather.

Wishful Thinking by @blossomsinthemist:
Things have been building between Steve and Tony for a while, but after a
battle where Tony is injured, they come to a head in an unexpected way.
Was originally envisioned as a post-credits scene for Age of Ultron,
but probably won’t end up fitting the movie well, so feel free to
envision it differently.

That Which We Call a Rose by @blossomsinthemist:
“Right,” he said. “Don’t stop.  I gotcha.”  He leaned forward, his
knee pushing Tony’s armor-covered leg out wider, bending his knee
against the wall, and his hand came up, leather-covered palm pushing at
the back of Tony’s neck, over the metal edge of the neckpiece, against
the soft skin just under his hair, and squeezed, holding him down.  “I’m
going to make you take it, buster,” he murmured, and his voice, his
breath, was soft against Tony’s skin, warm against his hair. “I’m going
to hold you down, right here, Shellhead, and push into you, and have
you.  You want that, fella?  You like that?”
Written for Day Twenty-Three of Kinktober: Against a Wall.

Magic Hands by AetherSprite:
After a particularly trying battle, Tony decides to help ease some of Steve’s tension.

red rose for the blue man by shepard:
Steve is given an unexpected gift in the wreckage of a battle, and the
nature of a relationship changes. Written as a prompt fill on tumblr.

I’ll Never Forget You by shrill_fangirl_screaming:
Steve wakes up after a battle with no memories since the 1940s, but a team and a family who are determined to help him remember.

Eat, Pray, Envy by mitochondrials:
The Avengers enjoy their post-battle Shawarma the only way they know
how; mild bickering. It also just happens Steve might be a tad bit

Saved My Heart for You by @pensversusswords:
Tony had been trying to propose for months, but it turned out that
post-battle on Christmas Eve was the best time to pop the question.

In the Echoes by mialicia:
With the taste of copper on their tongues, they collide. In the
immediate moments after a battle with some nameless enemy, Steve and
Tony take some time to themselves.

Pyrrhic Victories by tsukinofaerii:
Steve makes sure Tony eats after a battle.

Distraction (is a “D” word, so its okay) by ChancreDoll:
Steve and Tony return to base after a terrible battle. Tony attempts to
distract Steve from his grief with reason, sex, and finally his unique
form of Tony Stark humor (and caring).

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