Awkward, Bad, and Realistic Sex

Awkward, Bad, and Realistic Sex

Heya, do you know any fics with realistic first times? Like coming too early, or not knowing what to do? Which one of our favorite boys I don’t care, thank you!

I actually only know a few that are sort of like that.  More the realistic sex, bad sex or awkward first time kind of thing. Maybe other followers have some more suggestions?  I know I wrote briefly about their first time in Catching Lightning in a Bottle being less than successful, let’s say, but it was really a minor part of that fic.  I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of them.  Here’s what I could find:


On the Mend by @the-vorkosigan:
After texting for many weeks, talking things over and admitting they are
in love, Steve and Tony finally meet. A missing scene from my chaptered
texting fic, Over Sea, Under Stars. Just one long scene of explicit goodness, really. Nothing but sex. And some feels.

rough enough for love by @silkspectred:
The first time they had sex was right after their first kiss. Steve
dropped to his knees and then Tony reciprocated after making Steve lie
down on the bed. The second time it was Steve that initiated it, slow
handjobs under the hot spray of the shower, and Tony looked surprised by
it. Like it was weird that Steve wanted it. Wanted him.

love the sin, love the sinner by @silkspectred:
It keeps happening. Not often, just once or twice a month, but it keeps
happening. Always in the same way: it’s unplanned, sudden, unexpected,
Steve is surprised and eager, his dick goes from zero to one hundred in
two seconds, Tony’s touch is electric, everything he does drives Steve
crazy, but he never lets Steve kiss him, he very rarely looks Steve in
the eye, he never talks, never makes a sound when he comes, never
mentions it later.

Verbal by kadabrafreak890:
Tony never did anything that he didn’t explicitly know that Steve was
comfortable with. If Steve showed any hesitation in what they were
doing, he’d stop immediately. If they were exploring new territory, he’d
ask Steve first.
Steve appreciated the hell out of that. He did. But he was a man, he had needs.
And he needed to be fucked. Like now.

First Time for Everyone by BeamsnBows:
No one suspected Steve to be the experienced one.

Shut your mouth and turn me inside out by doctorzeigler: They say patience is a virtue, but Tony Stark has always been a sinner. (Avengers Kink Meme fill for the prompt: Steve/Tony, size kink, sex toys, anal playWhile
Tony’s still the big playboy, he’s never had anal sex [although maybe
he’s tried his own fingers once or twice] and Steve is big.

First (Time) by smilexdarling:
Tony and Steve finally start dating but, it turns out Tony has some anxiety to work through before things can get heated.

A Long Night by Skylar:
Steve and Tony worked out some problems in their sex life.

We’re Under the Sheets (You’re Killing Me) by owltype:
The first time it happens, it’s rushed. Filthy.

In (in love, in hiding, in plain sight) by @salablemystic:
Tony and Steve have been in a relationship for two months now, but this
will be the first time they have actual penetrative sex. Tony is worried
that he will give too much away, because, while the relationship and
its physical aspects have been good so far, they‘ve not yet talked about
their feelings … .

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy by @laudatenium: Tony knows Steve hasn’t done this before, so he plans to take it slow.The thing is, Steve doesn’t want to wait anymore.

This is No M’aidez (the Shame Remix) by @kiyaar:
After the events of Execute Program, Tony shows up on Steve’s doorstep with a file folder.