Tony is Growing Old, but Steve Isn’t

Tony is Growing Old, but Steve Isn’t

hi!! thank you for all of these, this blog is incredible!! do you have any established relationship recs that deal with tony aging/steve not aging? sorry if you already did this, i couldn’t find it in the rec lists!

There is a rec list dealing with Aging and Growing Old, so check those out. I’d also suggest for your specific ask, these might be good:


For Better or Worse by @captainneverever:
Tony wants to retire, Steve isn’t ready.

In the Eyes of a Boy by @stonyinspiration:
Based on a prompt where Steve Rogers never crashed the plane, nor was he
ever frozen., but a major side of effect of the Super Soldier serum
proves to be the inability to age. After suffering a personal loss, the
birth of Steve Roger’s Godson, Anthony Edward Stark, turns out to double
as his own rebirth. What begun as a father-son type relationship turns
into an attraction once Tony becomes an adult. Steve is now forced to
deal with his crippling guilt from last night’s actions.

From This Day Forward (the Somewhere Down the Line Remix) by magicsen:
Steve had only ever talked once about his deepest fear.

What Rough Beast by immoral_crow:
Steve Rogers, super soldier. It’s amazing really that it takes them all
so long to work out just what the serum can do… but given enough time
all things become apparent. This is a story about love, and loss; the
things we would do to be true to ourselves and true to our hearts; and
the prices you must pay to do that.

Five Times Steve Held Tony and One Time Steve Let Tony Hold Him by Sonora:
In a world where Steve Rogers is never frozen, the serum slows his aging
process to almost nothing, and he realizes that serving his country
means becoming more than Captain America, he finds the true purpose in
his life when Howard asks him to be godfather to his son, Tony.  Over
the next four decades, he and Tony forge a strong, loving – if somewhat
unconventional – relationship.