Steve has a Praise Kink

Steve has a Praise Kink

Fics where Steve has a praise kink? Or just really like when someone compliments his body? (in a sexual way is all the better)

I could only find a handful, but I feel like I’ve read more.  Does anyone have other suggestions?


Take Me Under by orphan_account:
Steve’s new to the whole sub game, and is awkwardly swept off his feet by a sub-looking dom.

Baby One More Time by @blossomsinthemist:
“And your color now?” Tony said.  He was moving around behind him,
Steve thought, and then told himself to lay off. He didn’t need to
analyze Tony’s every movement; this wasn’t a mission.  He didn’t need to
be Commander Rogers right now, wasn’t that the whole point?

Well, maybe he needed Tony’s help with that.  Maybe that was the whole point.

“Green,” he breathed out into the covers over the bed.
Written for Day Eleven of Kinktober: Sadism/Masochism.

Blushes per Hour by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve chewed on his bottom lip.  “Well, no,” he said.  “Um, but.”
He was breathing heavily now, through his nose.  “Rachel liked it when I
did it, because she has, uh, she has sensitive breasts, and I, um, err.
Sometimes I’d pull on my own nipples during, or, or after, on my own,
and.  And I’d imagine—wonder, really, if I was.  If I had enough, or—”

“Are you saying you’ve fantasized about this?” Tony said, and he
couldn’t help the pure delight that came through in his tone, because
had he actually stumbled onto one of Steve’s kinks, here?  He’d never
let on at all before, not at all.
Written for Day Thirteen of Kinktober: Titfucking.

Sound Off, Soldier! by Valmasy @trickyarchangel:
Tony is pretty sure Steve is actively trying to kill him. Well, best to help him out then.

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