hey sabre ❤️ have you got any kissing fics? just some sweet kissing, slow kissing, sensual kissing? kissing in general?

Kissing!  A good kiss is hard to write, tbh.  Here are some fics where kissing takes central stage.  Enjoy!


Steve is the Worst by DictionaryWrites:
Request: can you do something with stony and hickeys?

How (not) to Ask Someone Out for Coffee by Medea5: Tony Stark was now the reason for most things in Steve
Rogers’ life, including him visiting the latest addition in Avengers
Academy grounds. Made for a prompt exchange for the following request:“One randomly goes up to the other and begins to kiss them full on the mouth with no warning or knowledge”

Inevitable Conclusion by ohmyloki:
Steve wondered what Tony kissed like. Was it hard and fast like so much
of Tony’s life had been? Or would it be something slow and methodical
like how Tony was in his workshop, always making sure to dot his i’s and
cross his t’s?

touch my heart and kiss my soul by @laireshi:
Steve’s supposed to be damn good at strategy, but he’s not quite sure
how they’re supposed to make it to a bed when Tony’s kissing him like this.

kiss me (for science!) by wartransmission:
Steve blinks. For a moment, all he does is stare, because that can’t be
right. His ears are definitely misleading him, because Tony can’t
seriously be asking him for a kiss just to prove that his lip balm is
working well. As though to prove how surreal it is to himself, he says,
“So you want me to kiss you to prove that your lips are, actually,

All Better by @festiveferret, @sirsapling:
The first time it happened, Steve almost clocked Tony in the face.

Second Kiss by @festiveferret:
“I dare you to kiss Tony,” Natasha tossed out over her morning cereal.

Interruption by thesoundofnat: And that was how Steve ended up with his lips glued to
Tony’s; Tony kissing him back eagerly and hungrily and oh so
passionately-“I think I’m interrupting something.”(Or, just as Steve and Tony experience their first kiss, the rest of the Avengers walk in on them. Of course.)

The Language of Lips, the Language of Love by BobhasRainbowVeins:
Kisses are what define the relationship between Tony and Steve. Each
kiss means something different to them. Some of them are emotions that
can’t be conveyed aloud while others are messages sent through physical
contact as opposed to verbal communication. It is their language, known
only to them, and that is what makes every kiss an important one.

Like Mistletoe by seventeensteps:
They happen upon one suspicious-looking mistletoe and Tony insists on kissing, because that’s the tradition, right?

That’s One Way to Distract People by Heartithateyou: Tony and Steve are in a bind and need a distraction fast. Good thing Natasha showed Steve a thing or two.

Quiet Worship by sidium:
He should let him sleep, really, he knows this. He should go back to
sleep, or carefully get up, maybe make a cup of coffee, or a million
other things that would allow Steve to stay in the position he’s in,
peaceful and dreaming.

Always Have the Last Word by radiophile:
Tony is pissed, and he has a totally good reason for it, he’s sure.
Steve is determined to make amends, and he’s not above a little cheating
to do so.

Hot Button by @musicalluna:
Tony’s neck is very sensitive.

Light Under His Skin by @musicalluna:
Steve’s never made time with anyone before, but he’s about to get the best primer of his life from Tony Stark.

Dark Chocolate Kisses by drink24get: Steve loves Dark Toblerone. So does Tony. But there’s one way he likes it best.

Widow’s Kiss by Elevensins:
Steve is rather tired of people asking him if the last time he was kissed was back in the 1940s.

Talented Tongue by kaotiskplatonisk:
“As was his way, Tony promptly forgot the entire conversation, drowned
himself in a mixture of scotch and cosmopolitan cocktails, and spent the
next nineteen-ish hours tucked away in his workshop like a hobbit in
his hobbit hole.
Which, by way of that ruthless bitch temporal
progress, meant he was exactly an hour and twelve minutes late for his
study… date.
Study date.”

Necklace by HashtagLEH:
Why messing with Tony Stark is a bad idea – especially when it comes to
Steve. (He’ll just throw it right back in your face. With glee.)

Lazy Days by sharkie335:
Steve wants to have a lazy day with an overworked Tony.  He gets his way.

Hot Under the Collar by sharkie335:
It’s their first time together, and Tony makes a discovery about something that makes Steve hot under the collar.

Because He Kissed Like Steve by Kermits_Soft_Kitty: Steve never kissed like he was owed a debt by the lips
of an ex- War Monger. He never kissed like he was showing off to the
women and men Tony had had one-night stands with. He kissed like Steve.And that’s why Tony always kissed him back.