Bad Boys

Bad Boys

any recs for bad boy steve? or bad boy tony at that point, im not picky

I suppose a lot of the mob AUs would technically be bad boy Steve?  Guess it depends on what you mean.  But, here are some that you might like….enjoy!

On My Way to Believing (series) by @pensversusswords​: Steve is tall, muscled,
tattooed, pierced, and completely smitten with his private school
boyfriend. Tony has more baggage than he likes to admit, but he’s
learning to trust Steve, and learning what it’s like to be happy with
someone who cares about him. Plus, who doesn’t want to be whisked off into the sunset on the back of their boyfriend’s motorcycle?
An AU in which there is
punk!Steve, gratuitous fluff, and absolutely no plot. Basically just a
bunch of drabbles from this universe. Undetermined if/when I will write

going for a ride (series) by theappleppielifestyle:
“You want to take me for a ride on your motorcycle,” Tony repeats, slow
so he can process it as he’s saying it, “because you think my glasses
are cute.”

Trouble by 20Zvorak17: All Steve had been trying to do was walk home from
work. Then out of nowhere Tony Stark was racing towards him, he could
hear sirens, and he felt himself being slammed against a wall and
kissed.“I’ll owe you one.”(The sirens go right past them.)

Lost Boy by NotEvenCloseToStraight:
Steve has eight weeks to finish studying for and pass his bar exam. And
its going rather well, until 20 year old boy genius Tony walks into the
same library, and sits at the same table.
Steve doesn’t usually go
for kids like Tony- young and irresponsible, ripped jeans and eye liner,
and a tongue ring that is way more distracting that it should be. Oh, and Tony is high as a kite, studying his physics text book.
should look away, but he cant stop staring, and Tony is staring right
back, more than a little interested in the serious blonde with the cute
glasses and big shoulders pushing against that button up.
A stand up
guy like Steve could be good for a troubled kid like Tony. But maybe a
punk kid like Tony is good for a guy like Steve as well.

Hey Moon by indigostohelit:
The world is big, and empty, and fake, and their feet are tangled
together on the bedsheets, and Steve’s watching Tony, and Tony’s
watching the stars. From the kink meme.

High School Can Be Problematic by Heartithateyou: Tony is back at the principal’s office, where he happens to meet another student who’s tall, blonde, and handsome.And apparently a bit of a troublemaker.

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