Stonyclunks (Captain America/No-Powers Tony)

Stonyclunks (Captain America/No-Powers Tony)

Hiya Sabremom! I’m trying to get a tag going for Stonyclunks. Stonyclunks is a portmanteau of Stony and Shrunkyclunks (which is a descriptor for a ship you don’t follow), and therefore Stonyclunks is a relationship between post-ice-Captain America-Steve and “normal” modern-day-but-not-Iron Man-Tony. Do you know of any fics like that? Celestial Navigation would count, for example. Thanks! -Bubbles

I’ve had several people ask about this type of thing (and I fully support the use of the Stonyclunks tag, awesome idea).  These are hard to find.  I think the Younger Tony/Older Steve list has some and so does the list of Steve In Tony’s Life From a Young Age, so check those out.  There are some that are sort of this, but way, way AU (like Sineala’s lovely Star Trek AU where Steve is sort of Cap and Tony is Tony).  That seemed outside of what you were looking for, though.  But, here are a few I could find.  If anyone has other suggestions, please feel free to add them.

Blood, Lies and Love by Ridley160: When Steve Rogers volunteered for Project Rebirth they
told him they would make him a hero. No one bothered to tell him that
the serum would change him into a monster that needed to feed on the
blood of the living for survival. Now he has woken up 70 years in a
future where there are more like him and his affliction is now seen as
gift. Only Steve is convinced that he is at his core still just a
monster. Then he meets the brilliant, quirky and charismatic Tony Stark, the
only person in this crazy new world that seems to understand Steve’s
misgivings about what he is, but Tony is haunted by something. A secret
he has carefully guarded for many years that forced him to push everyone

Told You Dirty Jokes Until You Smiled by @chibisquirt:
Steve was waiting at light, casually checking out the man in the car behind him, when his phone pinged.

(guess you know this one, lol!)

Vanilla Human Problems by manic_intent:
Written for the prompt: “AU where Tony isn’t Iron Man. He’s a consultant
for the avengers, so they still live in his tower, he still
builds/improves their gear, but he never invented Iron Man. He’s still
close to the team, and is still a genius, so as the non-superhero
member, he gets kidnapped. A lot. The team becomes increasingly
protective of Tony.”

Do-Over by @gottalovev:
Steve woke up six months ago into a future that leaves him indifferent.
There is work, and not much else. His current mission is a basic search
and rescue operation to retrieve an American who was kidnapped by a
terrorist group ten days ago. He won’t let the fact that the hostage is
Howard’s son be a distraction.

His Fate Will Be Unlearned by @scifigrl47: Tony Stark spent his childhood making weapons, filling
the hole his father left in the world when he succumbed to alcohol,
grief, and his own demons. At the age of fifteen, he ran away from home,
and made it as far as MIT before all of his responsibilities caught up
to him. Now seventeen, he just wants to finish his degree and escape
from everything connected to the Stark name. Steve Rogers crashed
into the icy North Atlantic in the 1940’s, sacrificing himself to save
the world.  He never expected to wake up, and now that he has, he’s not
sure he’s glad.  The US Army has other plans for him, but for now, Steve
is slowly learning to live life in the 21st century, and taking classes
at Boston College.  He’s beginning to suspect that there is no escape.Boston
College is on the T’s Green Line.  MIT is on the Red.  The two lines
meet at the Park Street Station, and so will Steve and Tony. (thanks to @chibiesque for the suggestion!)

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