Tony & Natasha Undercover

Tony & Natasha Undercover

I don’t know if you’ll have an answer or not but it’s be really great if you could share any give where Tony and Natasha have to go undercover for something. Any ship or no ship I just really like this concept but don’t know how to look for it

I don’t know many Stony fics like this, tbh, though there may be others with other ships or in the gen tag that I haven’t read.  Try these, though:

Off the Mark by @captainneverever: The Avengers go undercover to retrieve stolen
technology at a shady conference in Madripoor. Confronted by his past as
a weapons dealer, Tony wonders if he’s a good person after all. Steve
does not trust Tony’s new best friend, the flirty Kashmir Vennema. And
the rest of the team just wants to wrap up the mission, even if Scott is
having the time of his life.Can the team pull together in time to find the thieves or has Tony walked into a trap he can’t escape?

Advice from the Spider by EllyAvon: Natasha knows everything. Tony capitalizes on that after coming to a startling revelation.Or: Nat gets ready for an undercover evening, Tony picks her outfit, and they have girltalk.

Showcase Showdown by sundancekid:
“This is why I don’t go undercover,” Tony says, for at least the fifth time.

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