Bullied Tony

Bullied Tony

Any fics where tony was bullied? Can be high school setting or others

I’ve only read a couple of those, so maybe followers have some other suggestions, but here are the ones I can think of:

in the line of fire by colourexplosion: The important ones always come back.ORA non-powered AU in which Tony and Steve are friends from a very young age and grow up together.

Better than a Bodyguard by @ashes0909:
Steve was making his way from the quad to a small, stony alcove to escape the sun when he heard someone sniffling.

Quill by HellsLittleLiar:
Steve happens upon some bullies. He does not like what he sees.

Bullying by xMarrrvelx:
Steve finds out that Tony has been a victim of bullying for ages…so, naturally, he wants to help.

Fly by smilexdarling: Sometimes, all it takes is getting beaten up by
bullies, an awkward meeting in a bathroom, and an undone fly to rekindle
a friendship. OrThat time Tony was self-sacrificing in order to benefit Steve; Sam,
Bucky, and Clint were the best bros a guy could ask for; and Natasha was
an absolute legend.

Rainbow Dorm by orphan_account: “Oh for fuck’s sake, Rainbow dorm? Really? Could someone just kill him now, life seriously wasn’t worth living.
Especially if you had just been branded campus Gay Lord of Rainbow Dorm.” Tony
starts college being humiliated and teased after a photo of him kissing
another boy is leaked around school. At first, he thinks that this is
the end and that he will have to live with the pain forever. But then
again, perhaps all it takes a little positive thinking to change the
whole situation around. Cue Rainbow Dorm, a friendly, non-judgemental
atmosphere made for students who’ve been told they’re different. Open
for all, strictly excludes anyone in the football team.

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