Lap Dances, Strip Teases, and Pole Dancing

Lap Dances, Strip Teases, and Pole Dancing

Okay, I am here for some lap dance fics. It doesn’t matter if is Tony giving a lap dance to Steve or the other way around, I just want my boys enjoying a good dance from their lovers

Try these, Anon!  I’ll include some strip tease recs, too, because why not.


Lap Dances:

You’d Be So Nice (To Come Home To) by @wordsplat:
Steve is a stripper, Tony is the Stark Adventures poster boy, and they fall madly in love in the 1940’s.

Occupational Hazard by blacktofade:
AU: Tony starts looking for a new job, Steve gets a lap dance, and Bucky finally finds out about everything.

(part of Vivian Ward Eat Your Heart Out series)

Birthday Dance by BookHaven: “No Clint, no more lap dances.” “Aww, come on Cap, it’s my birthday. One little dance?” Tony said unfazed by the commotion they were creating. “Tony” Steve said, tone heavy with warning. “What’s
the matter Cappy? Finally found something you’re afraid to do? Can’t
step up and follow through?” Tony held his eyes in a deadlock stare,
lips quirked in a half-smirk. Steve narrowed his eyes, unwilling to back
down.   Challenge fucking accepted

All’s Fair In Love and War (Except Lap Dances, Those Are Cheating) by romanoff: Steve and Tony do battle and may the best man win.This
includes, but is not limited to, lap dances, stripping, cross-dressing
and a slight exhibitionist kink that Steve will deny to the grave.“Steve
looks at him in the mirror but pretends to otherwise not be bothered.
He’s not bothered, why would he be bothered, if Tony wants to strip in
his car he can strip in his car, as far as Steve’s concerned that’s his
right as an American.”

Stripper Act by Tacuma:
Tony is turning 40 and when his best friends don’t know what to buy him,
they end up hiring a very special stripper for him: one dressed as his
childhood crush Captain America. It’s just a joke and it’s just a lap
dance, except that Tony is not really over his crush yet and he takes
the patriotic stripper to his bedroom, in front of his girlfriend, who
isn’t too happy.

Strip Tease/Pole Dancing:

Unsuited by AnonEhouse:
Captain America does not kill people with his dick.

Feeling Better by AllieBC:
Steve Rogers hates going to those boring, old parties Tony has to
attend. Tony tries to make it up to him. Nothing wrong with a little
song and dance for a lover.

Ride It, My Pony by ladyhawke:
Tony and Steve watch “Magic Mike XXL”. Unbeknownst to them, Mike is working his magic on them.

The Pursuit of Happiness by antigrav_vector:
Tony had asked him about his kinks, and he’d had to think about that for a while… well, now he’s got an answer, and a Plan.

Wham Bam by Quirkyasfok:
Steve is not prepared for the scene he comes across in Tony’s workshop.

Inane by Moonrose001;
“We should never tell this to anybody, deal?” Tony asks when they’re in the penthouse elevator.
“Deal. Where would the world be if they found out Steve’s the manifest of Adonis the Drag Queen?”

Working Class by Professor_Fluffy:
Natasha helps Steve get a job at a gentlemen’s club where he pole dances at night for a certain type of clientele.

Bit of both!

What Tony Found in Steve’s Bedroom by @captainneverever:
Tony is surprised by what Steve got up to while he was away on business.

Mi Amor by LittleMissStark:
The genius handed the coin over to him, twinkling chocolate browns
lingering on his baby blues. Steve
flipped it. “Tails.” There was a sudden bubbling of elation in the pit
of his stomach as he began to smile stupidly. He took one look at the
dancers on the stage and then back over at Tony. Suddenly he knew
exactly what he wanted.  “Is it bad that I’m kind of terrified right
now?” Tony whispered as Steve nestled closer. “If
you aren’t, then I am not playing this game right.” He leaned in,
running a hand up Tony’s thigh slowly. “Dance for me.” He breathed into
Tony’s ear. He grinned smugly when the brunette shuddered in his grip.
Steve leaned back, sitting back down again. “Up there.” He jerked his
head towards the stage. “With them.” “Are you implying something,
Rogers?” Tony asked, melting into the dark blue hue of the brothel even
more. Steve only smiled. “Depends on what you what you want to
Tony and Steve encounter each other at a new brothel downtown, play
truth or dare by flipping a coin, and eventually have hot sex.

Dare to Tease by @xtaticpearl:
Steve thought he was doing an excellent job of teasing Tony and riling
him up into a mess of want. It would be only days before he would
finally give in. What he didn’t expect is for Tony to turn the tables on
him and Natasha to help Tony. One Truth or Dare game is all it takes
for Tony to completely wreck him. In the good way, of course.

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