Shaving/Beard Fic Recs

Shaving/Beard Fic Recs

In light of the glorious Stony meta about the Emo Beard ™ Chris gave us recently, I thought I’d do some recs of fics featuring shaving and beards.  I expect I will need to update this list soon, given IW!  But, to tide you over for now, here are some great fics that you should all read!


This Mess We’re In by @kiyaar

Steve is a troll, Tony is obliging. Everyone gets done. Set in that fictional interval during Secret Avengers where Steve is a Commander and he and Tony are actually on speaking terms. Unrepentant porn.

Not a Vampire by wisia: 

How the fuck was Tony going to shave if he couldn’t fucking see himself in the freaking mirror?

For Sentimental Reasons by @blossomsinthemist

Ultimates Steve and Tony have hard lives–and they end up relaxing together. It turns into a habit. Non-sexual submission with service top Steve and sub Tony.

Shaved by @festiveferret: The lips trailed over his shoulder then curved up towards his jawline. Then stopped. Tony’s heat vanished from his back as he spun around in front of Steve, eyes wide. “Whoa.”Steve staggered a little at the loss of support, and Tony grabbed his arms. “What?”“You have a beard.”

Attention by invincibleironwoman:

Tony helps Steve shave.

The Critics Demand It (You Don’t Understand It) by apodiopsys: 

Steve wants and he can’t quite explain it, but the intensity of the matters are surprising to the both of them.

Helping Hand by @musicalluna

Tony breaks his arm and Steve helps make him feel better.

Close Shave by @everybodyilovedies

Steve and Tony are stuck in a hotel room waiting on an AIM arms deal. Tony makes fun of Steve’s straightedge razor, Steve thinks Tony’s LASER hair remover couldn’t possibly do as good as a job. Steve offers to show Tony exactly how close a shave his razor has to offer. Obviously this leads to sex.

Painful Memories by MrShyRockStar:Tony doesn’t know how to help his broken friend, feelings weren’t a thing he ever understood.OrWhen Tony helped Steve shave.

Something Missing by @captainneverever

Steve is in Wakanda working for T’Challa. But he knows he’s been away from home for too long when he finds out that Tony’s shaved off his goatee and he has to talk to someone about it. Back in New York, Tony is trying to move on. He wonders who made the nice post on an Avengers forum about missing his goatee.

No Shave November by Kaitie:

Tony can’t get enough of Steve’s new look.

A Little Rough, A Little Burn by zams:

When Steve decides not to shave one morning, he finds out just how much Tony likes him with some scruff.

The three times Steve didn’t shave (and the final time Tony got to kiss him) by MystickSpiral:

Bearded Steve

Burn by SilverMidnight:

Steve has been trying to get Tony’s attention for awhile, but it isn’t until he’s come back from a mission where his shaving routine gets put off to the side that he gets what he wants.

Sing That Body Electric by royal_chandler:

Tony comes back from a business trip to find Steve with a beard.

A Rash Decision by capsicleonyourleft:

Tony is running out of ways to explain the perpetual rash on his face. Steve doesn’t think that’s a bad thing.

Preferences by Nix (CrimsonQuills):

Steve plays with Tony’s beard. Written for wordwitch’s prompt of the same phrase.

Stubble by aaralyn:

Steve has stubble in the mornings, like most men. It just happens to please Tony inordinately.

Surprise by BobhasRainbowVeins:

Fill for the prompt: ‘Something where Steve has stubble or a beard and Tony’s reaction’.

Maybe He DIdn’t Think It All the Way Through by GlitchTheRoboticShadow:

Tony made the mistake of making a bet against Steve to see who could hold out longer; Steve without shaving, or Tony without fucking. He clearly hadn’t thought it all the way through, because Steve was fucking hot with a beard.

Buried by NotEvenCloseToStraight:

When Howard Stark demands Tony work at a dig site in S.America one summer to “build character” and “learn about life”, Tony is furious. But then he meets soldier/archeologist Steve and falls in love with blue eyes and a perfect smile. Just as they are ready to move forward together, Steve leaves abruptly with no explanation and breaks Tonys heart.
Ten years later, Tony stumbles across the file for the old dig site. He’s determined to visit and shut it down, but discovers that instead of a village, the dig has unconvered a temple and actually needs MORE money to stay open. A security team is hired to protect the staff and the artifacts they find, and Tony comes face to face with Steve Rogers all over again– except Steve is bearded and BIGGER and way more dangerous than he used to be…And Tony likes it.
When the camp is attacked, Steve jumps into action, snatching Tony and running into the jungle to escape and work their way towards safety.
But long days and nights together bring back old feelings, and one day Steve takes a risk and asks Tony to give them another chance.
Will Tony say yes? Or is his heart buried too far for the soldier-turned- archaeologist-turned-mercenary to find it? (thank you to @ash339273-blog for the suggestion!)

Who’s Scruffy Looking? by JentheSweetie:I don’t know,” Steve said, after Tony finished a six-minute ode to The Dude’s beard. “I mean, I’m not really a fan of beards.”Tony gave Steve a look of such horror that Steve almost wondered if he’d misspoken and casually mentioned that he’d been tossing puppies off the top floor of Stark Tower.“You’re not,” he said, “a fan of beards? I mean – but you like my beard.”Steve tilted his head. “Uh. No, not really a fan of yours, either.”

Elapsed (fanvideo) by @stark-spangled-lovers

We love who we love. Sucks.

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