Mechanic Tony

Mechanic Tony

Hey, thank you so much for all the recs, they’ve given such a great amount of reading material and it’s so different to any other stuff I find online!! I was wondering if you knew any fics with mechanic!Tony? Idk why but I just really like that au and think he fits it so well! Thank you so much!! 😘

There are a few of these, though I can’t believe the mechanic AU comic by @ironfries-art hasn’t inspired more.  Here you go!


Running by @kurowrites: Steve as a rich and famous artist & Tony as a poor mechanic AU. Or something like that. Two drabbles combined into one.

Accidents and Romance by uofmdragon:
Steve keeps getting in accidents and his mechanic thinks its due to Steve wanting to visit.

All Roads Lead To by @theappleppielifestyle: After Obadiah’s betrayal, Tony hides in the depths of the Midwest to become a mechanic. The Avengers come into his life anyway.

I Know Better by Fallenstar92:
Not_enough_furytony13 said: “Can u please do a fanfic where Steve and
tony’s roles are reversed (human au though) where Steve is a rich CEO
and tony is a broke mechanic of some sort and he’s running from an
abusive boyfriend and past. And all of steves friends (who are all rich
too) are really protective and think tony is just using Steve for his
money but eventually figure out from different events with tony and
snippets of Tony’s past that tony isn’t using Steve and genuinely loves
him. Can u please also put a lot of angst in it but also a lot of fluff
to balance out (I.e. Steve having to sleep on the couch because of a
really stupid fight over something cute and trivial, tony having trust
issues, the media being very negative or really positive) I really love
your writing so I would really love to see your writing with this

Last Train Home by erde:
Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands
them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has
retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very
own. But it’s okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.

Open for Christmas by @festiveferret: It was Christmas fucking Eve, in the middle of fucking nowhere, and his car was completely fucking dead. Fuck.