Hey Sabre! Do you know any fics where one gets the other one off with only their fingers?

I just so happened to read a great little gem today (first one on the list), so thought it would be a good time to rec these I only know a few, but they are good ones.Enjoy!

*shakes finger at you* LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS!

Shy First Time by someboys: (no summary given, but good smut, trust me!

Suited Up by queerlyobscure:

Once upon a time, Steve – perhaps unwisely – told Tony about a fantasy he had related to the Iron Man suit. Today’s the day he gets his wish.

Give and Then Receive by torianmist:

Porn and nothing but. It is what it is.

We’ll Go a Few Rounds by @chibisquirt:

Steve and Tony were planning to play tonight anyway, but then Tony showed up in his Halloween costume.

Table Service by chubbychoco:

Steve Rogers, owner of the biggest up-and-coming restaurant in Brooklyn. Tony Stark, food critic with a chip on his shoulder. Add one badly-timed angry erection and stir well for a surprisingly happy ending for all involved.

Pretty When You Cry by MystikSpiral:

here were little things Steve took pleasure in. Reading books on anything that updated him history wise, documentaries on military tactics, getting Tony Stark to shut his damn mouth. The little things in life that made living so much more enjoyable—only if he had to put them in order, Tony choking on his own moans and gasps would hold a firm first place.

Lesser Beings by kehinki: Tony had always wanted Steve to like him.Now he kind of wanted to kill him.

Posses by romanoff: Tony and Steve take a night for themselves to just relax. It goes exactly as planned, and then some.(If anyone asks, Steve is absolutely not a sucker for blissed out Tony. Absolutely not.)