Natasha & Tony or Clint & Tony Friendship

Natasha & Tony or Clint & Tony Friendship

hiya- sorry to bother you but do you know of any fics where
natasha and tony are really close, and/or maybe also clint and tony
being close? sorry to disturb you…!!!!

Gotta love those friendships, right?  Here you go, Anon!


Nat & Tony friendship:

patchwork people by @itsallavengers: It was a pretty well-known fact that Tony Stark had control issues.It was far less well-known why, though.

honey, you’re keeping me afloat by mmtion:
Every so often, on evenings with nobody else, Tony and Natasha drink some wine together and talk about everything and anything.

…Like I’m Fangirlingmanaged:
Natasha will admit she was the last person she had expected to become so attached to Tony Stark.

Best Kept Secret by AlchemyAlice:
In which there is a secret friendship, and Tony can’t deal with
feelings, so Natasha has to do it for him. These two features may or may
not be related.

Best Decision by mybffbatman:
“You’re pacing.” Natasha’s words were sharp, though she looked harmless
leaning over a mirror and applying red lipstick to her lips. Rubbing
them together with a smack before raising a perfectly sculptured eyebrow
at Tony. “Stop pacing.”

by romanoff (interlude from Blue Lips Blue Veins):A little thing that
takes place between chapters 87 and 91 of ‘Blue Lips, Blue Veins’Tony
finds himself on the roof of Stark tower. He’s sleepy; he can’t find his

At Long Last by @thudworm:
Sometimes the right set of circumstances is what is needed to push two friends down the right path.

not so different, you and i by
@theappleppielifestyle: Three years ago, the idea that Tony Stark being
one of her best friends would have been something she’d laugh at. Not
even laugh- she’d have given whoever suggested it a dry look and changed
the subject.

Only Tony Gets What a Sick Natasha Wants by wordjunket:
Natasha’s way of dealing with a cold involves denial, hiding, and a little bit more denial.
Luckily, Tony gets it.

We Found Love in a Coffeeshop (AKA Natasha ships Stony) by middle_earthling:
Steve works the graveyard shift in a small 24 hour café  to put himself
through art school, and Tony is the guy who comes in every night and
orders extravagant amounts of coffee, and may or may not be Steve’s
secret crush.

Dare to Tease by @xtaticpearl:
Steve thought he was doing an excellent job of teasing Tony and riling
him up into a mess of want. It would be only days before he would
finally give in. What he didn’t expect is for Tony to turn the tables on
him and Natasha to help Tony. One Truth or Dare game is all it takes
for Tony to completely wreck him. In the good way, of course.

New Beginnings and Old Blurs by @xtaticpearl: “Natasha -”“It’s one thing to keep a secret,
Tony,” she spoke over him, not raising her voice but getting things
clear, “and another thing to keep a good secret in a bad way.”“I
don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tony knew he was doomed even as
denial left his mouth but he was trained to shift around inquisitions.

Steady Hands, Unsteady Heart by @musicalluna:
Natasha’s getting married, and for some godforsaken reason, Tony’s in charge of decorating the cake.

Have a Drink on Me (or Four or Five Really) by beebop202;
Tony Stark is your average, everyday workaholic who is TOTALLY NOT IN
LOVE with his fellow Avenger, Steve Rogers.  Seriously, if Natasha told
you something different, she is definitely lying. But don’t tell her
Tony told you that because she can probably kill him with her pinky
In which Tony Stark tries to solve his problem of maybe being
slightly in love with Steve Rodgers with alcohol because Steve is as
straight as…something straight.  Definitely.

It’s been a long day by AkikoFumi:
A mission goes awry; and nothing helps better than team cuddling on the couch.

No Ordinary Love by @51st:
From a prompt on Avengerkink.Thanks to a magical spell by invading
aliens from another realm, Tony Stark becomes a woman…for three
months.   Obviously
there’s no way he’s not going to take his new body for a test drive.
And who better to help him with it that our very own Captain America,
Steve Rogers, the straighter-than-a-ruler guy he’s been falling in love
with totally against his will and who’s finally noticing him now…

Clint & Tony friendship:

Clint Barton, Pool Shark Extraordinaire by kaotiskplatonisk:
The first time Hawkeye swung by the Avengers Tower to split a whiskey
with Tony, it ended in a drunken pool cue duel to the death and a
mysteriously large amount of ping pong paddles appearing strewn around
the penthouse floor.


Rom-Comm Goes Wrong by @xtaticpearl:
Tony and Steve have been friends with benefits/dating/god knows what for
a couple of months when Tony finally gathers enough confidence to
confess his love for Steve. When he takes a really bad hit during a
mission and gets stranded with Clint, he decides to just go out and say
it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring the result they expected.


Dynamic Reactions by Minici: In which Tony’s ideas always work, anytime is a good
time for prank wars, Steve is just overreacting, and shadow warriors
won’t stop attacking New York.“Uh-huh. Does that apply to you
too, Cap?” Tony says, abandoning his tools, the better to glare him out
of his lab. “Maybe if you ate your veggies and took long walks on the
beach you wouldn’t have been gutted by an alien? That’s not how this
works. You do everything right, your whole life, and you still go down
from some missile some day. Aliens don’t give a damn whether you eat
your Wheaties. You’ve got to be prepared.“

Show Me the Stars by samptra:
Tony Stark is on top of the world; a boyfriend he loves, a best friend
with more loyalty then he deserved, and the most kick as job on the
planet. He should have known it was too good to be true.


5 Times Clint Barton Broke Into Stark Tower by VeryImportantDemon:
… and the One Time Tony Turned Around and Gave That Deaf-Ass Archer a Taste of His Own Medicine.


Just Hold Me Baby and I’m i Ecstasy by mitochondrials:
When Steve strokes Tony’s head to check his temperature, Tony panics.
But it’s okay because Clint is here to save the day; and oh yeah, get
together snuggling.


Give You a Little Latte by mitochondrials:
A drabble about Tony, Clint, and Coffee.


Boys Like Us by Naferty: The video had been a mistake. One of the biggest
mistakes he had ever done in his life, and considering Tony Stark had
done a bunch of shit in his younger years, and even older years, that
was saying something.It was just that none of those things were as embarrassing as that video.He blamed Clint for everything

Sweethearts by Raikishi:
Clint is going to be the best uncle.


Rubber Band Man by Chippita13:
Tony is just trying to work on his latest project. Clint has other plans.


Unfeeling by whitchry9:
“Have you heard of CIPA?”
Despite not being able to feel pain. Tony
manages to get himself both a broken arm, and a broken heart, both
courtesy of Steve. Which he can never ever know about.

(contains accidental abuse)

Big Brothers by
SailorChibi: Tony and Clint are kidnapped by Hydra and drugged with
something that severely lowers your inhibitions, leaving them both lost
and helpless in their little headspaces. It turns out the heart of
Hydra’s greatest weapon can still be twisted by the tears of two little

Nat, Clint & Tony friendship:

Mission: Protect Tony Stark (series) by Lilipoussis:
When Steve asked Tony about Howard, he didn’t realise the kind of chain
reaction it would cause. The team may notice something is wrong, but it
takes a journalist and an insane demigod to force the truth into the
light, and once the secret it out, the team will never be the same.

Sticky Glue & Sellotape Helps Put Us Back Together by Kermits_Soft_Kitty: ‘He sat curled up on the sofa, staring vacantly into
the crackling fireplace with a discarded tablet sliding off of his lap.
After therapy, the others had gone out to the diner two blocks down.
Tony had scarpered before the questioning looks of ‘why are you still
lingering’ could be thrown his way. In retrospect, he understood. He was
a billionaire – their logical thought pattern would be to ask why he
was hanging out with them, why he thought he could hang out with people
he’d injured with his own two hands.
It would have been nice, but Tony didn’t like to feel like a waste of space even more than he already did.’AKA:
that fic wherein Tony is his usual self-sacrificing self, Clint and
Natasha move into the mansion and Tony gets a cat called Tabitha.

Everyone’s A Little Scarred by nhasablog:
“No.” Tony shook his head. “You can’t. Just- just let me cling. That’s the only thing that seems to be helping.”

“Okay. I’ll let you cling, but the moment I feel like you’re losing your grip-”

“That won’t happen. I’ll hold on for dear life.”

Because that’s what was essentially on the line.  (Or, Tony’s not okay, but he’s somehow even less okay in his own bed.)

Tony Stark is a Good Man by Aku_Cinta_Kamu:
Tony knows about self-harm. Hell, he’s been there. So when he starts
sleeping around, he eventually finds people who’ve harmed themselves…
and then he takes care of them. And eventually, there are too many, and
the team finds out about his scars, but who cares, because he’s willing
to talk about his mental health. He’s very open about it.
Also he collects the Avengers. And toaster-strudels fulfill their purposes.
Rated for self-harm scars and talk about self-harm, suicide, and anorexia.

And BONUS Tony & Jan BFFs: The Welcome Wagon by persephoneggsy:
Or: Five Times Tony and Janet Welcomed Somebody to the Academy, and One Time Jan Did it With