Tony’s Fear of Water & Drowning

Tony’s Fear of Water & Drowning

Do you know any stony fics where tony is afraid of water/drowning?

I love fics that address some of Steve or Tony’s trauma, because let’s face it, those boys need years of therapy.  Here are some specifically dealing with water/drowning.


Salt Water by SnakeFeathers: Sometimes when he has an anxiety attack he can feel the
water against his skin from where it had leaked through the suit at the
bottom of the ocean. He tries not to think about it. He tries to throw
himself into rebuilding the Stark Tower into the Avengers Tower. Steve’s
brief after-mission visit was a welcome change, but when he asks about
how it went, he doesn’t expect to hear him describe how he’d fallen into
a river on the assignment.He can taste salt water, now.

Better Halves by @kiyaar:
Tony gets kidnapped. Steve does his best to get him back.

Clawfoot by Threshie:
Using an old bath tub instead of his usual shower forces Tony to face up
to some of his PTSD from Afghanistan. He would have preferred if Steve
wasn’t there to witness it.

Deep Waters by AlchemyAlice:
His power’s running low, the arc reactor flickering. Cold, rancid sewer
water is rushing into the fissure at his torn up shoulder, filling up
the gaps, rising along his neck in frigid fingers. He’s been like this

Just for Today by @missbeckywrites:
After Steve nearly dies beneath New York Harbor during a battle, Tony
shares his own fears of drowning with him. Determined to find a way to
put the fear behind them, Steve comes up with an idea. Just for today,
they aren’t going to be Iron Man and Captain America. Just for today,
they aren’t even going to be Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Today, they
are just going to be Tony and Steve.

Heat of the Moment by Scavenge4Dreams: What’s worse than watching the one you love hurt?Hurting the one you love.

Submerged by Scavenge4Dreams:
Underwater, out of breath.
Out of water, out of depth.

In Deep Water by @itsallavengers: The Avengers want a pool. Tony can arrange that for
them. He can. The thought doesn’t fill him with horrible, daunting dread
and crippling fear.
Not at all.(Or maybe denial does more harm than good)

I’d Come for You by Momokai: He opens his mouth and breathes in. The reaction is
almost instantaneous. The second his mouth opens and his lungs expand,
water, cold water is delving in, fighting its way into his body and down
into his lungs, he chokes, but no air escapes him, there’s no air left,
instead he gasps in more water, and the coldness seeps deep into his
core, his body convulses once in a final jerk for survival. Drowning
isn’t really a painful way to go Tony decides. Because the second the
water fills him it’s like a switch is flipped in his brain, and then
there’s nothing. No cold, no water, no Steve trying to claw them both to
the surface because he got careless in a fight.
There’s just sweet, sweet nothing.