Power Bottom Tony

Power Bottom Tony

I don’t know if you are still doing this but do you have a rec list for tony being a powerbottom?

Only a couple I can think of come to mind, but they are well worth a read!  Other suggestions welcome!


I’m Hot Sticky Sweet From My Head to My Feet by @blossomsinthemist​:
There’s a costume party for the Avengers, and Steve and Tony are dared
to wear the Ironette Outfit and the old USO girl outfit, respectively.
They’re both rather taken by the sight of their boyfriend in “their”
themed outfit.  So afterwards, they take it upstairs and enjoy each
other.  Established relationship crossdressing and outfit kink.

For Sentimental Reasons by @blossomsinthemist​:
Ultimates Steve and Tony have hard lives–and they end up relaxing
together.  It turns into a habit.  Non-sexual submission with service
top Steve and sub Tony.

(probably more focus on the service top aspect than power bottom, but so good!)

when Steve’s meet Tony by @infinitegem​: what else would you expect when EMH, MCU and 616 Steve
all conveniently and inexplicably find themselves in the AA universe
with a married Steve and Tony?Sex, obviously.

America’s Golden Boy by 1000mileshigh:
The only difference now is that Steve can’t take care of him, can’t rest
his hands on Tony’s hips, can’t-“Hey, big guy.” Tony’s voice is

Bossy by MystickSpiral:
Shameless smut, power bottom!tony

Skin on Skin by MystickSpiral:
Both had an idea how this night would end, either in a shouting match
and make up sex, or ignoring each other and falling asleep in separate
locations. Either, way neither were going to admit they were wrong.

(switches up from power bottom!Tony part of the way through)