Porn Star & Sex Tapes

Porn Star & Sex Tapes

Hi sabre! First of all, thank you so so much for this account. You’re honestly the best! Do you maybe know any fics where Steve & Tony film porn? It doesn’t matter if it’s an AU or not 🙂

Of course!  Here are some porn star and sex tape fics you might enjoy!


Boomin’ (Porn Star AU) by MystickSpiral:
Steve on the other hand, was nervous, the idea suggested by his best
friend, Bucky after a long string of complaints due to being a broke art
student. It was a joke really, both doubting he’d actually get in, and
when he got in, they both stared at each other with blank expressions.

The Tony Stark Relationship Primer (series) by uraneia:
Steve needs to make some quick cash to cover his mom’s TB treatment and
hospital stay. Bucky convinces him to try porn. Steve’s not sure he’ll
be able to go through with it… until he meets Tony, the guy he’s
supposed to do his screen test with.

Screen Test by Kaitie:
Tony is a big-time porn producer who finds himself intrigued by a possible new star.

(Not For) Public Consumption by Poose: “Can’t you like, I don’t know, do a little pirouette
for me, sweetheart?” He shuffles backwards cautiously, glancing over his
shoulder to avoid hitting the wall. There’s a chair back there, he
should sit in it before his legs give out. Steve cocks his head, hand on his hip. He puts his front foot at angle to the one in back and executes a tired swing around. You’d
think he’d like the attention a bit more. Tony may have to goad it out
of him. “Steve, seriously, you’re like a bored stripper.” And then,
suitably affronted, Steve takes another turn, more slowly, so that Tony
can pan down and zoom in on his ass from a slightly lower angle.
Steve and Tony make a sex tape. Exactly as sophisticated as it sounds. A
non-powered AU of another AU that I haven’t written yet. Contains zero

Disclaimer by @brandnewfashion: “Someone got a hold of our sex tape.” “…which one?”

let’s get it on by Tav:
What do you do when you run into your boss who is also scrolling through
the appalling gay porn selection at the DVD store on a Friday night?
You go home with him and together you make your own, of course.

Pornographic by orphan_account:
Steve and Tony make a personal porno.

Breaking Facebook by HepG2:
A sex recording with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark found its way to
Facebook. Problem is, Steve has no recollection of it ever happening.
Cue a manhunt for Tony, a weird-as-heck explanation and maybe, a

I wanna play the game (I want the friction) by Trojie:
Steve and Tony need to work out a few of their … issues.

prompt: public sex by alestar:
The only thing that would have been more painful than the actual fact
and aftermath of Steve refusing to sign the Sokovia Accords would have
been if two months later someone in Oslo had released a sex tape of
Steve and Tony, so that is precisely what happened.

just another morning in the stark mansion by calciseptine:
At 7:34 a.m. on a random Tuesday in October, one enraged Pepper Potts
interrupts Steve Rogers’ and Tony Stark’s simple eggs-and-toast

Of Sex Tapes and their Unexpected Consequences by chemically_yours:
After Tony’s sex tape hits the news, Steve finds himself curious.
Takes place during/after Ultimates 3.

(not exactly your ask, but its really good and I’m loving Ults stories lately)