Humiliation & Small Cock Humiliation

Humiliation & Small Cock Humiliation

Hey I think u answered this, but if not cud we have some small cock humiliation or humiliation in general, preferably tonys but either will do, thankyou

I could only find a couple regarding small cock humiliation, which are the first ones on the list.  As for humiliation in general, on that front, I have several suggestions, though oddly most of it seems to be Steve getting humiliated. Go figure. Heed the warnings on these, please!


The Rate of Inflation by Superflous_Gypsy: “I think I can actually feel myself getting fatter! Are these moobs? Please tell me I am not getting moobs.” Tony shuddered.Steve
squeezed him closer to his super soldier body. “Oh,” he groaned, “your
ass.” Steve started grinding against Tony’s plushier rear. “Can I ride
your dick?”Tony huffed. “If you can find it and if it’s in any condition to be ridden, then knock yourself out, cowboy.”An
experimental serum reveals that Steve has some really unconventional
kinks. Tony caters to them without too much emotional distress. Weight
gain, breeding kink, other kinks mentioned.

Yes, Alpha by lizrat66 (WiP): Captain America claims Omega Stark and shows him that obedience is the only way forward.This is not a happy fluffy story, be warned Steve is not Mr Apple Pie and Tony is going to have a hard time of it.  There may be a happy ending but that could change at any time.

Knees by orphan_account:
Steve being humiliated sexually by Tony.

Daddy by orphan_account:
Steve loves being his Daddy’s little bitch.

All that’s Left by @winterstar95:
In the midst of the civil war, Steve meets Tony at an abandoned hotel.

Fall Into Step by sharkie335:
Steve surprises Tony with one of his fantasies.

Not Fooling Anyone by queerlyobscure: Tony knows there’s a side to Steve that’s all grit and
city smoke and kid-from-Brooklyn roughness, and he wants it all and
more. Steve obliges. Complete PWP.

Claiming a Fallen Prince by Agent C:
Steve rises up to take the throne after winning against Stane’s Regency.
However, as custom dictates, he must claim someone of the old regime in
order to fully gain his rightful place. His eyes are set on only
one–the fallen prince, Tony.

Please You by brofancy:
…It was belittling when it came down to it. That was the ultimate
punishment. It was degrading for him to walk around in these clothes,
servicing Steve whenever he saw fit—and it gnawed at him deep in the pit
of his stomach—but he loved it. That was the sick part.

Brought Down to Size by Superfluous_Gypsy: “Tony didn’t understand how important it is to you to
be able to take care of him. It’s a lot easier for him to think when
he’s in his normal state of mind,” Bucky said. The hope that was
breaking out on Steve’s face was so tentative and fragile, Tony wanted
to hide his face away in shame. “We had a talk, and he decided he really
wanted to be a good boy for you. He said that if you want to play
daddy, he would do it to make you happy. Hey, kiddo,” Tony have Bucky a
half-hearted glare, but the guy just chuckled. “You wanna give Steve
what he wants today? Be the boy he needs you to be? Just until seven,
though, Steve. After that, he wants to apologize to me.”
Non-sexual age-play with Steve in chapter one, kinky public
humiliation with Bucky in chapter two. Feel free to skip to two if you
just want some Tony humiliation; there’s no plot to worry about. (features humiliation of Tony in Chapter 2, but is Stuckony)

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