Come Inflation

Come Inflation

Any come inflation fics? preferably Tony being filled but don’t mind Steve either, thankyou 😃

Indeed, there are a few of these. I think the first two on the list are probably your best bets, but there are some others that at least feature it sort of in passing?  I’ll also add some general come play recs, too.


full (of your love) by Hiyami:
Steve pushes Tony’s body to its limits and then some.

Bare by @blossomsinthemist:
Inspired by a conversation with pensversusswords instigated by this ask.
Steve and Tony share an intimate moment, and Steve indulges his
preference for not just filling Tony up with his dick, but his come,
too.  They both have a good time.

Use Me by Oversoul159 (WiP): Steve wanted to be used. He wanted to be treated
like the worthless cum dumpster he knew he really was. He wanted to be
bent over and taken, even against his protests, just because his
boyfriend had a hard on that needed to be taken care of. He wanted
serious conversations interrupted mid word because he’d been taken by
the hair and shoved down onto a hard cock, his boyfriend considering
cock sucking a better use of his mouth.

Private Dance Universe by RussianWitch:
What it says on the tin.

[this has…well, lots of stuff.  Um, heed the tags.  I basically remember this one as the one where Hulk pounds Steve into the bed]

Perfect Body by Ironshield:
Steve Rogers is struggling with his sexual desires, he doesn’t know if
he should share them with anyone. One day, out of curiosity he reads
some SteveXTony fanfiction and Tony wonders if the fanfic matches up the
the real deal. The first chapter sets it up, chapter 2 and on will
contain all the smut!

A Beautiful Mess by @blossomsinthemist:
Steve, though—sex with Steve was nothing like that.  It was
nothing like any of that.  It was a new experience for Tony, in a lot of
ways, not just the lack of protection, but—well, he’d never imagined
how much more intense, how much more intimate, it would feel, not just
because they didn’t use condoms, but because of—because of everything.
Written for Day Seven of Kinktober: Creampie.

Let Me Take You Higher by @blossomsinthemist:
“Good,” Steve said, and squeezed him gently around the waist.  “I guess we should see about having an actual shower, huh?”

“It might be a good idea,” Tony allowed, smiling a little.  It felt loose and warm and wide on his face.
Written for Day Twenty-One of Kinktober: Shower/Bath.

Rough Enough for Love by @silkspectred:
The first time they had sex was right after their first kiss. Steve
dropped to his knees and then Tony reciprocated after making Steve lie
down on the bed. The second time it was Steve that initiated it, slow
handjobs under the hot spray of the shower, and Tony looked surprised by
it. Like it was weird that Steve wanted it. Wanted him.

Young in the Head by @everybodyilovedies:
Tony’s in the mood for Steve to take care of him this evening, in a
special sort of way. Steve is obliging (Daddy Kink roleplaying, Steve as
the Daddy).

Kink Meme Responses Chapter 1 by often_adamanta:
Porn. Steve licks come off of Tony’s arc reactor.

*hahahahahaha!  That might be my favorite one yet.

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