Tony Rides Steve

Tony Rides Steve

 Would you mind reccing a list of Tony riding Steve please 😌, I’d be ever so grateful

What a wonderful ask!  Of course.


Save A Horse (Ride a Superhero) by look_turtles:
Tony gives Steve something and Steve returns the favor.

Bind Me To You by Sparcina: “You’re tied up, so you won’t have to do anything. But if you’re up to it… I would like to fuck myself on your cock.”Steve’s eyes widened. Tony chased after his wanton moan, bruising his lips against his as one hand took hold of a shoulder and held on for dear life. Their tongues met and battled. Tony didn’t let himself hesitate and sucked on Steve’s, giving him more food for fantasies.“Please,” he crooned against his lips.It was Steve’s birthday, but he knew, he just knew, that they would both enjoy this.Steve’s eyes were completely blown when he found the air to speak again. “Do it.”

Call Another Time by AkikoFumi:

Calling the Director of SHIELD and sex shouldn’t happen at the same time.

Sinful Saturday Prompt 1: “Prompt-Tony sucking and then riding Steve’s
cock while he’s on the phone with someone important (President, Nick
Fury etc.)”

lie back (and think of america) by calciseptine:
“So vanilla,” he teases without rancor. “I’ll never know why this is your favorite, Cap.”

Suitable for Your Eyes Only by LadyDeBrief: Sometimes Tony has to rescue Steve, who can’t help but
attract trouble. It’s understandable when he makes his Army uniform look
that damn good, but not acceptable. Everyone else gets to look, but
only Tony gets to touch.Oh, how he loves to touch.

Enjoy the Silence by Jessia:
Tony is left unable to speak after a spell hits him during battle.

Living in the Future by Dorian_the_Grey:
Steve is just trying to adjust.
Tony is there to help.
Something amazing develops along the way.

Interlude with Ludes by MystikSpiral:
Tony gasps, trying to catch his breath or possibly his last shred of
dignity. Steve keeps watch of his face, the blood now creating a sleek,
red line down the side of his lip. It’s hypnotic, and in that moment
Steve realizes he wants to see Tony bleed. He’s not sure if it’s
metaphorical, but there’s a sense of submissiveness Steve’s finds in
bleeding. He feels himself get excited, so he drops him.

Skin on Skin by MystikSpiral:
Both had an idea how this night would end, either in a shouting match
and make up sex, or ignoring each other and falling asleep in separate
locations. Either, way neither were going to admit they were wrong.

Seeing Stars by @blossomsinthemist​:
“I want you to ride me,” Steve said, his hand closing around his
dick. He slid it up slow, pushing his foreskin up before circling his
palm over the head, pulling it back down so that Tony got a view of his
sweet, leaking tip, the copious precome welling up and spilling over.
Tony gives Steve a ride (and a few more things).

To See Its Truth by @blossomsinthemist​:
“There’ll be time for me after this,” Tony told him.  The heavy
ache, the drag and fullness and wet, was making his cock hard again, so
that he could feel it bobbing under his shirt.  The fabric felt sweaty,
sticking to his back and chest and nipples.  “I’ll probably only come
once, after all.  Just let me make you feel good, champ.”
Written for Day Fourteen of Kinktober: Role Reversal.

I’m Laying With the Devil by doctorzeigler:
Steve Rogers likes to wax poetic about his lover at all times— Hell,
sometimes even in the middle of screwing the man senseless.(Avengers Kink Meme fill for the prompt: Steve/Tony, size-kink, riding, control“Steve
totally gets off on how much smaller than him Tony is and loves to make
Tony ride his dick, controlling his movements throughout.”