Tony Sleepwalks

Tony Sleepwalks

Hi Sabre! :)) Since I realised that in our fandom we have limited “sleepwalking”fics… I really really really want to read a Sleepwalking!Tony into Steve’s bed where Tony is oblivious and Steve is confused about this, and maybe Steve with realising he loves and lusts for Tony?? I love to read something like this and I think writing a Steve centric fic must be more difficult than Tony centric.. But I thought you would make an amazing job with it. Please please please Sabre mom?When you are free?💖

I will definitely keep that in mind when I get through my current projects.  Thanks for thinking of me with the prompt.  In the meantime, here are some to tide you over:

Wanderer by @51st:  Written for a sleepwalking prompt on Avengerkink.Tony jerks away like he’s awakened to find himself taunting an alligator with a raw chicken, and almost falls on the floor.“You sleepwalked,” Steve says, stating the obvious,“into my bed.”

the only thing i ever held sacred (was your name) by fleurting:

Steve’s an insomniac. Tony sleepwalks.

Sleepwalker by skylar:

Everything was swell in Steve’s new life at the Avengers Tower after CATWS until Tony started sleepwalking into Steve’s bed. What would our good captain do?

Sleepwalk This Way by cvsossong:   Five times Tony sleepwalks into an Avenger’s bed. And the one time he stays.