Dancer and Ballet AUs

Dancer and Ballet AUs

hey! i just got home from the nutcracker and WOW those dancers are talented. It takes a certain type of dedication to become that good at something which obviously immediately made me think of tony (but tbh what doesnt). Do you have any dancer!aus? ballet specifally would be amazing

Only a small few that I know of, but here you go!


The Art of Falling in Love by Orange_Coyote:

Steve observes a ballet class as part of an art assignment. Simple: find a muse, and draw them in motion.
When he sees Tony walk into the dance studio for the first time, his life becomes anything but simple.

You’re In Love by Youngslae:

The noon sun pierced the floor-to-ceiling windows, casting a halo around the contour of his figure and his blonde hair swayed like golden wisps. A soft orange glow blended into the shadows around the edges where the sun didn’t hit directly. The sight stirred something deep within Tony’s chest.

Swing City by @lazywriter7: “Of all the places you could go to on holiday, you had to pick the one where everything can possibly kill you.”“I’m here on exchange, actually.” Steve returned primly. “And I’m pretty sure nothing can kill me in a gallery.”“That’s the tragic bit. You’re in a gallery.” Sam’s tone was impressively flat, even for him. “You’re in Australia. Go hiking in the bush with the poisonous snakes. Surfing with the murderous jellyfish.”Spoiler alert: Tony’s in Australia too. And he’s a swing dancer.

I Love the Way Your Hips Move by fleurfeyrac:

Steve’s ballet class is pushed back a time slot because of a new hip-hop class being taught by a really hot Tony Stark. They keep bumping into each other in the gym and Steve really can’t handle all these feelings he’s having. Suddenly Natasha and Tony become good friends after lifting together and it’s nothing but suffering for Steve from then on.

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