Steve Loves Tony’s Booty

Steve Loves Tony’s Booty

Psst….Do you have any fic recs where Steve is obsessed with/can’t keep his eyes off of/wants to sex up Tony’s perfect booty? 😉 thank you for your help!


Hmmm…a little tricky, but here are a few!  If anyone has more, feel free to add.


Dazed and Confused by tsukinofaerii:

Captain America has a great many duties that need careful attention. He has to… uh… That thing where… Wow, Tony’s pants are awfully tight, aren’t they?

Nibbles and Dimples by Kax:

One-shot thigh/ass worship. It hadn’t escaped Steve’s notice that dealing with the aftermath of New York had seen Tony putting on some weight, and that most of it had gone right to his thighs. Discovering that he liked it had been one thing, but getting Tony to see that he was still as attractive as he’d ever been? Well, that was going to take some effort.

It’s the Simple things by onewayfreak:

Steve is definitely an ass man.

Sweet Nothings and Sweet Dreams by Akira of the Twilight: Tony had just been trying to sleep when Clint decided to be a jerk and wake Tony with his voice.Clint could be ignored though.What couldn’t be ignored? Steve saying: “It is a nice metal ass.”

Stark Naked by LoveCrumb:

After being honourably discharged from the army, Steve decides to leave his old life behind and pursue what was once a distant dream: art school. Things become complicated for Steve as soon as he lays his eyes on Tony, who just happens to be the nude model in drawing 101.

Bucky is a Motherf*cking Matchmaker by Heartithateyou: Bucky knows there’s something going on with Steve, the way he looks at Tony differently, the way he acts around him, that stupid smile he always has when he’s talking to him.Oh shit, he likes him.

Sweater Butt by Fruitcry:

Sweater shopping goes wild when Steve gets possessive over Tony’s booty.

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