Medieval & Historical AUs

Medieval & Historical AUs

hey sabre do you know any like medieval stony au! :3


You’re…trolling me, right?  LOL, weeeeeellll…Okay, so since there aren’t a ton of these, I included some that are more “historical” or “fantasy” than purely medieval-esque.  Enjoy!


So Strong a Thing by orphan_account: Sir Stephen Rogyrs is a farm boy from a noble family who has fallen on hard times. He dreams of being a knight of the realm, but is too small and unhealthy to be selected at local tryouts, despite his determination.Crown Prince Anthony Edward Stark is the only son of King Howard and Queen Maria Stark, heir to Starkhold in the Avengard realm. He is a genius at alchemy and weaponry, but resents his duties to the throne.Steve and Tony clash at a page tryout, and they unknowingly spark a chain of events leading to a fast friendship and a lifelong love…(Eventually, that is.)

Adamant by whizzy:

Anthony Stark, Lord of the city of Mainhett, undertakes an expedition to recover the lost shield of a legendary paladin.

The Road to the Grail is Paved With Hermits by Lenalena: Steve has gotten himself stuck in the Middle Ages and he is desperately waiting to be rescued. After more than a year, he hears about a red and gold flying demon that has dared all of King Arthur’s knights to come challenge it. He hopes this means that Iron Man has come for him, so that all he needs to do is find Tony and get out of this place. Simple, right?Tony didn’t even know where he would end up, when he went after Steve. It’s not been an easy adjustment for him, to put it mildly. And once he has figured out how to find Steve in this primitive shit show, how the hell is going to get him back home?

Worth His Weight by chubbychoco:

King Stark has been offered a rare and valuable gift – a virgin slave, trained but untouched, for him to use in any way he sees fit. But despite the awful rumors surrounding his reign, he may not be as horrible as Steve has heard.

The Man with the Clockwork Heart by indigostohelit:

A de-anon (finally) from the capkink meme. His village destroyed by the northern Empire, Steve Rogers is sold as a slave to Lord Tony Stark, a man with no heart but a ticking clockwork machine inside his chest. He’s been told that Lord Stark takes pleasure slaves, and bitter, grieving, and terrified, he expects nothing more of a northerner. But months pass, and Stark does nothing. In a rapidly unfolding chaos of scheming politics and a clockwork world, Steve begins to wonder what sort of man Stark is– and whether he’d mind being a pleasure slave at all.

A Long Way to Go by duc: a historical AU where Tony is a young nobleman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery by business rivals, and Steve is some kind of warrior who purchases him either for armour care or because he says he can build trebuchets or something. Tony assumes he’ll also be performing sex slave duties, and when Steve turns out to find banging people who are technically his property off-putting, Tony gets quite irritable and demands to be taken advantage of.

False Accusations by greeneyedmonster: While trying to escape false accusations made by fellow Senators, Stephen runs, literally, into Consul Antonius Stark.Rather than landing in the dungeons, he finds himself in bed with the devastatingly charming man, and in no hurry to leave any time soon.

The Plague of York by deadeyeboy:

Two hundred years ago, Captain Steve Rogers was a legendary war hero, the last and only subject of an experiment to imbue humans with monster blood in order to create the perfect soldier. Now, recovered from the ice of the Northern Sea, he is the leader of one of York’s most formidable monster hunting teams, the Ultimates, who are charged with the nonlethal capture and containment of monsters who go feral.

Genuflect by @some-blue-jack:  (WIP)  “You called for me, Your Majesty,” Steve said, leather creaking as he adjusted his sword and shield in order to go down to one knee. He waited for Tony’s permission to rise.

Second Nature by @winterstar95: Tony’s world shatters in increments. An assassination attempt nearly kills him, but that isn’t what’s tearing him apart – it’s losing Steve to his omega nature – to the warrior rage, to the need to find the assassins and destroy them. The people behind the assassination attempt have other plans – plans that could break Tony’s and Steve’s newly formed alpha-omega bond.Tony and Steve may be only just starting on their journey together as bondmates, but their souls have been intertwined for centuries…is their fate sealed? Will they suffer what’s happened in the past or will they and their bond survive?

His “Damsel-NOT-In Distress” by JoFrez:

Steve was the prince of S.H.I.E.L.D and he had always gotten what he wanted. And love was never a question he needed answered when suitors pile up one after another. But when he encountered a mysterious man on one of his patrols, Steve was about to have his life turned around.

Take Me, I’m Yours! by xDinahQueenx:

Fill for the Avengers kink meme on DW: a historical AU where Tony is a young nobleman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery by business rivals, and Steve is some kind of warrior who purchases him either for armour care or because he says he can build trebuchets or something. Tony assumes he’ll also be performing sex slave duties, and when Steve turns out to find banging people who are technically his property off-putting, Tony gets quite irritable and demands to be taken advantage of.

The Emperor’s Fury by valtyr:

Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating.  (not even close to medieval, but whatever)

Knight’s Tale by orphan_account:

In which Tony is the prettiest princess, and Steve is the most oblivious knight, and there are parodied cliches and witches and towers and dragons galore.

Rules of Engagement by @kiyaar:  (WiP) Captain Anthony Stark is hired by one Baron Zemo to retrieve a priceless treasure somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland.He gets a lot more than he bargained for.

The Pillars of Hercules by valtyr:

In 1584, Don Antonio Stark de Cerrara sets sail from Cadiz. But as they approach the Straits of Gibraltar, they’re intercepted by the English privateer Sir Stephen Rogers, who has his sights set not on their cargo – but on Don Antonio himself.  (Not medieval, but historical and you should read it!)

just another drop in the ocean by lincesque:

Captain Steven Rogers of the Imperial Navy had one mission: to locate the notorious pirate ship, the Ironheart, and capture her mysterious captain, a man known only as ‘Tony’.  (blah, blah, not medieval, but…)

Breaker of Horses by @sineala:

What do you do when the Roman Empire you were raised to love consigns you to the sands of the arena? Antonius is a prince of the Dacians, captured in war and sold as a gladiator. He yearns for his freedom. Stephanos – the last living centaur – is his fellow slave and trainer. Centuries old, disillusioned by a Rome that has become a shadow of itself, Stephanos has all but given up on life… until he meets Antonius, and both of their lives are forever changed.  (Also not medieval, but Centaurs!)

All the Reasons We Shouldn’t Work by MiniRaven:

Steve is a knight of Midgard. Tony is a dragon. They should be mortal enemies. Yet despite secret identities, magic, and fighting mind controlled friend back from the dead, Steve and Tony somehow make it work.

My Life Belongs to My Country, but My Heart Will Always Be Yours by Renai_chan:

Crown Prince Anthony of Stark tries to keep his relationship with Sir Steven Rogers a secret from his father, but when Archduke Obadiah Stane is assigned to be his guardian in the king’s absence, their relationship becomes Obadiah’s leverage for control.

The King’s Mate by @saved-by-the-notepad:  (WiP) Steve doesn’t believe in rushed marriages and knows that he can find his mate if he’s given the time. The Council disagree, seeing as Steve is a king who needs a worthy partner by his side. Especially when he needs to be married by the age of twenty-five. Steve is twenty-three and running out of time.Tony has been forced into a betrothal with an alpha who only sees him as a object and a tool. He has fought and protested but no one listens due to his omega status. All Tony wants is to be free and live life the way he wants, free from the restraints of what an omega should be.Then it all changes when their worlds collide, for the better and for the worst.

As Constant as a Star by @astadi:  The Swan Princess AUAs young children, Prince Anthony and Princess Natasha of neighboring Midgardian kingdoms are betrothed, and spend their summers together every year until they are wed. Tony adores his headstrong friend Nat: it’s her scowly little companion Steve he’s not thrilled about at first. But soon Steve goes from being a thorn in Tony’s side to being his dearest friend – and much, much more than that. Despite Steve feeling the same way about Tony, the pair still dance around each other for years as Steve struggles to accept his feelings for another man: especially one already betrothed to another. Not to mention that Tony is a prince, and Steve is nothing but a squire.But before they can make peace, Tony is kidnapped and dragged into the beginnings of another conflict in the nearby magical kingdom of Asgard – he really hates magic. With his potential usefulness diminishing by the day, Tony races to escape even as Steve, Natasha, and their friends race to find him and bring him home.And—just to make matters worse—Tony has been trapped by a powerful spell and turned into a swan, of all creatures. He really, really hates magic.

The Little Glass Screwdriver by @stark-spangled-lovers:  When Prince Steven is forced to find himself a bride, true love gets in the way. As the night of the grand ball unfolds, the prince meets a mysterious knight who might just change his entire life in a way he could have never imagined.**Cinderella AU**

Waking the Dragon by tsukinofaerii:  Since humanity first started spreading across the land, pushing dragons back by sheer numbers, tensions have been high between the species. War is nearly endless, and Prince Tony, the half-human heir of the dragons, is sick of it. When King Howard of the dragons is poisoned, the fate of everything sits in the balance. In desperation to save his own life and to prevent decades of fighting over the throne, Tony sets off to find a cure.Down in the foothills, Legati Steven of the human army finds himself with a missing friend and assassin, a suspiciously cagy adviser to the ruler and a desperate need to be less interesting. In the interests of scuttling his own career, he starts on his own mission to find his answers. When he runs into Tony, they discover just how complicated things really are.

Claiming a Fallen Prince by AgentC:

Steve rises up to take the throne after winning against Stane’s Regency. However, as custom dictates, he must claim someone of the old regime in order to fully gain his rightful place. His eyes are set on only one–the fallen prince, Tony.

The Royal Circle by Darkyu:

True love is not always a blessing when you have to hide it from the world. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it for Steven and Anthony, though.

Holding Out For A Hero by @wordsplat:

When Tony was a prince and Steve was his manservant, they were young and reckless and hopelessly in love. But an attack on Tony’s life convinces Steve that he can’t protect Tony, so he leaves in the dead of night to train until he can. Ten years later, Steve returns to the kingdom a strong and able knight, but his king is both furious and broken-hearted.

The Bold and the Restless by @shetlandowl:

In feudal England, the wealthy lords & assorted gentry occasionally entertained themselves by pranking their neighbors. Lord Steve was no different, if not wilier than most.

The Weight of Armor by @the-vorkosigan:

Steve is mysteriously kidnapped. His Avengers are worried. Or: a post-Arthurian AU, with knights and kings and swords, evil sorcerers, half-giants out of Wales, and two certain idiots who don’t realize they are in love.

Man of Iron–The Changeling Prince by justanotherpipedream:

Captain Steve Rogers first wandered into Stark’s Emporium to get a potion to help his ailing mother. He didn’t realize that it was run by the infamous Man of Iron, the former head inventor of the King’s court. With mechanical wings (and a mechanical heart), Tony recruits the Captain to help him seek ingredients in the south forest – where the unprepared perish and rich men hire caravans to protect them from the creatures within.

The Ghosts of War by @scifigrl47:

Steven Rogers never wanted to be king, but he knows his duty, and he does it well. Lord Tony Stark, the king’s appointed consort, does his duty as well, even though he’d enjoy his duty more if it actually involved sleeping with the king. As it doesn’t, he’s just resigned. The war that made Steve king and cost him nearly everything may be over, but a meeting of old enemies might stir up some ghosts none of them are prepared for.

Beyond by sara_holmes: (WiP) Even though nobody knows it, Westeros is at breaking point. The power of the Starks and King’s Landing is waning, Rumlow’s Dreadfort grows in strength in the North and the Maximoffs across the Narrow Sea are not as far away as they seem.Featuring! Accidental Lord Commander Clint and his pet direwolf, disillusioned Kingsguard Steve, disinterested Heir-to-the-Throne Tony, a whole gang of badass ladies, mercenaries that are probably more trouble than they are worth and more cameos than you can shake a stick at.

And not to be outdone…

A Higher Form of War by sabrecmc:  Tony is a King with a surprising number of people out to kill him. Steve and the rest of the Avengers are fighting for Pierce’s rebellion and end up with Tony as their prisoner. Oops.Basically one of those bodice-ripping romance novels I don’t read (ahem) but with far more gay.

Coda to A Higher Form of War Part I and Part II by sabrecmc: Anon requested something from A Higher Form of War, specifically dealing with Steve’s scars. I took that as both physical and otherwise.Wherein Steve’s issues have issues, Bucky is the head cheerleader for Team Tony, and Tony does everything right.Set a few months after the end of the main fic and years prior to the epilogue.If you have not read that fic, I cannot imagine any of this will make a bit of sense.

The Prize by sabrecmc (WiP):

Steve ends up as a concubine in the royal harem.

Prima Nocta by sabrecmc:

This was a Thank You Fic request for Anon, who wanted to incorporate Tony’s reference in AoU to prima nocta and bottom!Steve. Please note that, despite the premise, there is no non-con between Steve and Tony. Took me a while to think of how to do that, but here we are. There is definitely gratuitous fetishization of Steve’s virginity, however. If that bothers you. If not, pull up a chair and enjoy.

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