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Steve Riding Tony

Can we please get some of Big Ol’ Steve riding Tony like a prize stallion? Everyone could use some more bottom Steve (on top hehe) willidothefandango: sabrecmcstonyficrecs-archive: You know, I actually don’t know many of those that are standalones.  I know that has been featured in some fics (like The Prize), but it isn’t really

Long Bottom Steve Fics

Hello! Thank you for all the fics recs! I noticed you had a Bottom Steve list and a Long Fic rec list, but I was wondering if you had Long Fic, Bottom Steve rec list? I just really prefer bottom Steve, but most authors don’t tag who tops, so I’ve gotten really into several fics,

Bottom Steve

Okay, you poor, starving-in-the-wilderness bottom!Steve people!  Here are some bottom Steve fics for your enjoyment.  I tried to largely rec some that I haven’t already rec’d in other posts, so hopefully, these will be some new ones for people!  Feel free to add your own recs, and please remember to leave kudos and comments for