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Time Travel Recs

Hey have you anything new time travel recs Time Travel to the Future and Time Travel to the 40′s lists are done,and there is also one for Time Travel for Short Periods of Time and one for Steve Goes Back, but with Endgame, tons of new options out there, and some oldies but goodies.  Here

Pre- and Post-Afghanistan Tony

Thanks for all your rec lists, you are so amazing putting them all together! I was wondering if you know of any Stony fics dealing with how Tony’s personality used to be different before Afghanistan and Iron Man. For example if a younger Tony time travelled, or Tony was deaged and lost his future memories,

Short Time Travel

Hey! Do you know any fic with time travel but only a few years one of them or both. Most of them are ones when they got back to the 40’s. Or any when Howard somehow get into the future or any adult Tony meet with his parents and pls no abusive Howard. Thank You!

Tony’s Past Comes to the Present

Do you have any recommendations for fics where Tony’s past self comes to the future any the team/Steve sees how broken/Lost tony was? I know a few of those along that idea, though most are not directly your ask. But, these fit into the idea of the team learning about Tony’s past and Howard’s bad

Meeting Future Selves

ironmess asked: hey! do you know any fics where one of them travels in time and in the future theyre already together? im talking stony Back to the Future!!!  I’ve done Time Travel to the 40′s  and Steve Goes Back in Time to When He Was Younger, but what about meeting future selves?  Interesting.  Here

Steve Goes Back in Time

Hello! Do you have any fics where Steve travels back in time to see or witness Tony’s past? It can be Afghanistan or even as far as MIT days! Thank you! I love Time Travel, and there are a few with Steve going back in time to meet Tony, sometimes at MIT and sometimes earlier. 

Time Travel to the Past

Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any stony fics that involve time travel? Like tony or Steve going back to the 1940s? Thank you for posting so many fic recs! You’re amazing! Time Travel is one of my favorite tropes.  Lots to choose from, but here are some that feature travel back to