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Comic Storylines in MCU

I love your fic recs! Was so happy to see your asks open so I could request this. I have looked and I don’t think I’ve seen a list like this. Sorry if I’ve missed it. Do you have any recs of comic book storylines being retold in the MCU? With Stony involved in the

Pre- and Post-Afghanistan Tony

Thanks for all your rec lists, you are so amazing putting them all together! I was wondering if you know of any Stony fics dealing with how Tony’s personality used to be different before Afghanistan and Iron Man. For example if a younger Tony time travelled, or Tony was deaged and lost his future memories,

5-Year Endgame Gap

Please can you rec some Stony fics that take place in the 5 year gap in Endgame. Thanks These were really hard to find and I had to enlist some Discord help. If anyone knows of more, please post them in the replies! DON’T SHUT YOUR AUTHORS OUT AND GO COMPOSTING, TELL THEM YOU LOVE

Avengers: Infinity War

I finally got to see Infinity War yesterday, and it was… painful. I know that these fics are kinda scattered to the wind because it’s so recent but do you have any Post-Infinity War pt. 1? Like Steve on Wakanda thinking Tony’s dead, and Tony making his way back to him? Or anything like that

Loss of JARVIS

do you have any fics recs where like after aou tony is struggling with the loss of jarvis? I know: I’m way behind on asks, but finally, here you go, Anon.  Sorry it took me so long. Going Home by Batfink: Tony heads back to New York, to a life without Jarvis. Steve stays in LA,

Established Relationship Civil War

 CW recs where Steve and Tony are married? I’m not sure if you mean CACW or comics CW.  I’ll try to give some of both.There are more with established relationship than married, but here are a few with them actually married (or close to it) during or after Civil War. I’ll also add some established

Post-2012/2012 Tower

hey, you know what a miss? 2012 fanfics where everyone was happy and the avengers were a big family. do you have some good fanfics like that so i can forget the fact that everyone’s dying in infinity war? thanks, i love your blog ❤️ Thank you so much!  Try the Team as Family recs