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Tony & Natasha

do you have a tony/natasha brotp rec list? thanks in advance, you blog saves my life! I love them together so much!  There are a lot of great fics with this trope, some to a greater extent than others, but  here are some ideas for you: ALONG CAME A SPIDER, WHO SAT DOWN AND LEFT

Howling Commandos

do you have fic with the howling commandoes in it? either they’re still alive and old, or they helped raise tony, or the timeline is different? thanks for all the work you do! That’s an interesting ask!  Honestly, there are some where they are sort of mentioned, but not that many I know of where

Tony’s Birthday is Forgotten 2

Do you have any fics where Steve and/or the team forget tonys birthday? Thanks so much, your blog is a blessing! Tony’s Birthday is Forgotten recs. Also, you might like: Don’t Say the “B-Word” by StarsAlign: In all the time Steve has known Tony, they’ve never once celebrated Tony’s birthday. Steve starts to get suspicious,