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Permanent Injury

do you have any fics where steve/tony sustains a permanent injury? thank you for running this blog!!! Glad you enjoy the blog!  Here are some suggestions for you: COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE PERMANENT SHOWS OF LOVE FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Permanent Injury/Amputation All the Difference in the World by @winterstar95; It’s Tony’s luck that on his

Tony’s Heart Condition

Hi! Thanks for all you do! Any fics that involve Tony with a heart condition/issues caused by the reactor? There is a list of Fics Focusing on the Arc Reactor, but here are some about Tony’s heart condition.  Obviously, some of these might deal with character death, so mind the tags if that isn’t what


Hiiiiiii! I absolutely luv your fic recs i was wondering if you had any sick fics i’m a total sucker for those thx! Sick fics are always so nice, aren’t they? Something about them just makes me feel good.  Here are some you might enjoy! COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE LIKE MEDICINE FOR WHAT IS MAKING