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Omg I love your blog! it’s literally the holy grail for stony lovers thank you so much for all your hard work 👏🏻 Also I was wondering if you know of any fics were Steve and tony have sex for the first time without protection? Preferably bottom tony thank you! Glad you are enjoying the

Awkward, Bad, and Realistic Sex

Heya, do you know any fics with realistic first times? Like coming too early, or not knowing what to do? Which one of our favorite boys I don’t care, thank you! I actually only know a few that are sort of like that.  More the realistic sex, bad sex or awkward first time kind of

Virgin Tony

Hello Sabre! Your new blog looks fantastic, congrats! I was wondering if you know any non-A/B/O fics where Tony is a virgin? Thank you so much in advance! 🙂 Virgin Tony is rather unappreciated, isn’t he?  Not going to lie, I’ve been hoping someone would ask. Let’s see what we have… POP YOUR COMMENT AND