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Emotional Hurt/Comfort (Hurt Tony)

Hey do you have any fics where Tony is hurting emotionally (maybe the team hurt him or smth) and Cap or bucky comfort him? I love these fics so much thank you! Hi, Anon. That’s a little too specific to make for a good list, but here are some fics featuring Emotional Hurt/Comfort where Tony

Hurt Steve 2

Hello!!<3 ur blog is everything. Can u rec any more hurt!steve fics?? Either emotionally or physically, thank you!!!!!:) Of course!  I love some whump on Steve, gotta admit.  The first list of Hurt Steve recs is here, but here are some others to check out.  Lots of different kinds of hurt for our dear Steve

Emotional Hurt/Comfort

Hello! Do you have any recs about steve and tony supporting each other emotionally and/or mentally? Just them being open and caring after nightmares/panic attacks/flashbacks,etc. There are actually a lot of these with one or the other helping deal with some of the trauma, so be sure to use the tag search if you like