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Criminal, Lawyer, and Courthouse AUs

Hey! I love your rec lists! There is always a tab open for it, I read the fics listed in them every single day! Also, I was wondering, do you know any criminal/lawyer AUs?? Or where they meet at a courthouse?!? Thank you!❤ Not many like that, but here are some suggestions for you: The


hi sabre! any fbi aus out there? thank you. Only a few, but here you go! IT’S A CRIME NOT TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS! Confidence Trick by tsukinofaerii: FBI Agent Steve Rogers and his partner Sam Wilson have spent the last couple of years just a few steps behind the high-end art thief and

Prison AUs

hi, thank you for your recs! do you know any fics where steve and tony meet in prison? There are not many prison fics, but here you go: COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE BETTER THAN A SHIV BAKED INTO A CAKE! Inside/Outside (the freedom remix) by @robintcj: Tony Stark’s mentor and second-in-command, Obadiah Stane, has framed

Officer Rogers and Prison AUs

With Chris showing up as Hot Officer in his play, and this post going around, I thought I’d do some Cop/Prison AU suggestions, so here you go! COMMENTS AND KUDOS ARE LIKE GET OUT OF WRITER’S BLOCK JAIL FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Doughnuts and Officer Handsome by MystikSpiral: Every morning, Tony went to his favorite doughnut