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5-Year Endgame Gap

Please can you rec some Stony fics that take place in the 5 year gap in Endgame. Thanks These were really hard to find and I had to enlist some Discord help. If anyone knows of more, please post them in the replies! DON’T SHUT YOUR AUTHORS OUT AND GO COMPOSTING, TELL THEM YOU LOVE

Endgame 1970s (Captain Stevens and Dr. Potts)

Do you have any fics where some stony smut or fluff happens during the time travel heist in endgame?? Like when they go back to 1970? I am living for the Captain Stevens/Doctor Potts AUs.  Here are some suggestions for you, some in canon, some AUs.  Enjoy! DON’T KEEP COMMENTS AND KUDOS UNDERCOVER! A Coincidence