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Jealousy (High School AUs)

oof s o u h are i has a big feeling that you’ve been asked this a lot but any jealous highschool tropes or somewhat hsm vibes or any post-ca:cw fix-its? There are a couple of post-CACW rec lists already, so I’ll go with high school fics with jealousy, because those are always fun.  Since

NSFW Avengers Academy

Do you have any nsfw avac stony fics Sabre??? sabrecmc-archive: I do, indeed! COMMENT AND KUDO OR I WILL FIND YOU. In a Rut by @rouge-winter:  “You don’t have to do this, Tony.” Pepper said as she tightened her white knuckled grip on the clipboard in her arms. “I’m sure we can find someone else.”“Yes. I