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Iron Man is Hacked

Hey, do you happen to know any fics where the Iron Man suit is hacked? Thanks for all your recs they are amazing! I’ve found so many great Stony fics through your blog! Glad you are enjoying the blog. The only ones that I could find for your suit is hacked ask are: As Sharp

Armor Kink 2

About time for an updated list!  The first Armor Kink list is here.  Here are some other suggestions for you: RUN PROGRAM: COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS! Automated Fucking (series) by IOnlyWriteWhenCarmelyzed: Steve gets bent over by one of Tony’s Iron Man suits Knot Me Not by Bill_Longbow:  When their omega is away on

Steve Wears the Iron Man Armor

Looking for fics where Steve wears Tony’s armor, either the whole thing or just a gauntlet and/or boots? In an emergency or maybe Tony sends it to save kidnapped/captured!Steve or heck maybe just for fun. But please don’t forget angst. Angst is amazing. Found one to start you off. “All That You Love, All That