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Comic Storylines in MCU

I love your fic recs! Was so happy to see your asks open so I could request this. I have looked and I don’t think I’ve seen a list like this. Sorry if I’ve missed it. Do you have any recs of comic book storylines being retold in the MCU? With Stony involved in the

Fics About the 1940s

i have a bit of a odd request and i think it might be difficult to find, so sorry in advance if it’s too specific or anything. im looking for fics that talk at length about life (both good and bad) in the 40s? i know a lot of canon-based fics mention it, but i

Tony Dies in Civil War

Fic recs where Tony dies in Civil War instead of Steve? I do know of a couple of those, so here you go.  Anyone with other suggestions, please feel free to add them!  Several of these seem to feature Evil!Steve (apparently, Steve without Tony is sort of off the rails, let’s say), so just mind

Established Relationship Civil War

 CW recs where Steve and Tony are married? I’m not sure if you mean CACW or comics CW.  I’ll try to give some of both.There are more with established relationship than married, but here are a few with them actually married (or close to it) during or after Civil War. I’ll also add some established